When I heard the news That you were gone I didn’t think much of it. You’re not where I am, You’re not where you used to be.

Now that I am back Where you’ve been. I feel your absence, I feel your presence. And it hurts so damn much.

And I miss you.

It didn’t really hit me that my grandma had passed away until I came back to my uncle’s home and she wasn’t there. She was supposed to be there but she wasn’t. There were pictures of her smiling at us but not her.

I remember the last time we met, we walked around the house and I supported her frail frame because she was prone to falling. We talked about a lot of things. There was so much kindness, tenderness and compassion in the way she carried herself and treated those around her.

Her character has shaped all her kids and grandkids. We all became who we are because of her. And it still hurts so damn much that she’s not around. But we’re all here together because of her and that’s special. That we can support each other, together.